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Technology in the Key of Business

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Selecting the right technology for your business requires decision makers to understand the impact of the change. Communicating that change effectively begins by understanding the processes, labor, and upstream/downstream systems.  ITinKey can help document business processes for your organization.  These documents can become the foundation of informed decisions, harden security, and prepare disaster recovery plans. 


Successful projects are rooted in effective planning activities and active management of tasks.  Keeping stakeholders and decision makers informed, managing risk, and understanding success criteria are important factors in successful projects arriving on time and on budget. ITinKey can lead or assist with these tasks in your business. 


Technology requires constant attention within a business. Whether software or hardware related, upgrading, integrating, or installing new technology, or supporting existing installations - ITinKey can help manage those assets that power your business.  Limit downtime and increase efficiency within an organization by implementing standardized technology services and lean on ITinKey to manage your technology platform.

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My mission is to assist small  businesses successfully plan, implement and utilize technology.  I build and supplement existing platforms to meet ever evolving needs. I can provide expertise in documenting processes, planning and managing new projects, bringing the deliverables to life, and supporting technology throughout its lifecycle.

Regardless of a business's maturity level, tools used to deliver services and products are consistently transforming. With so many potential starting points my goal is to provide solutions that fit in the key in which your business performs.





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